Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Dressed Up with Everywhere To Go...

After I did the post about me and the 22nd birthday tutu adventure I realized what a costume addict I am.
 I have concluded I cannot and will not turn down any opportunity for which I can dress weird. Somewhere in me there is still a kid that wants to play dress-up and I seem to be unable to control her.

**(I blame/thank my mom who let me wear whatever I wanted as a kid. Didn't do Halloween, but she let me dress as whatever I wanted all other days of the year.)
Just look at me in all my fashionable childhood glory...**

Parties, fairs, performances, no reason at all. I am unleashing my craziness on the world through the means of my wardrobe. And I have pictures to prove this...

Shakespearean acting. This was 2008, King Lear. I was Goneril, which by the way, was a fantastic part. Not only did I get to not DRESS like me, I got to act unlike me.

This one was a couple weeks ago. I was supposed to be helping my friend buy a costume for an upcoming dance recital (Michael Jackon's Thriller...). We found said costume, and that is not it. That is us messin' around with bizarre clothing. We found some fantastic rain pants ("Lets buy them and wear them on our Costa Rica trip!!!!") and then some fantastically hideous tops to match. We decided that we are BOTH the Fresh Prince(sses) of Bel-Air. Or something.

Shakespeare 2007. Love's Labours Lost. Rosaline. She was fun, but not as fun as Goneril.
And in 2006 I played the fool. Literally. Launce of Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Super Hero Theme Night with MergeKids (my church's children's ministry). We leaders dressed as made up and real superheroes.  And oh yes, you had better be believin' I can do a full, flat out split!

This...well...I can't really explain this. But it may or may not have involved Buddy the Elf, several Luchadors, maple syrup, stretchy pants, Rave Dancing, a photo shoot and The ChaCha Slide. Lets just not talk about this...

3-D Movie glasses. Which we punches the lenses out of and wore out to eat after the movie...

"Lets find the ugliest clothes in the store and try them on!!!!"
We do this a lot. These are our outfits for when we join the circus.

Renaissance Faire. Oh heck yeah. I will take ANY opportunity to wear my pirate ensemble publicly.
*I can't find the one of me in a "medieval wench" costume playing an electric guitar. That one is really special.*

Shepherd boy David and Joseph from the Bible. It was for children...

 The other occasion on which I wore the tutu. Emily was going to a banquet and was all dressed up and gorgeous. I was hanging out with her before hand and raided her closet for some more dressy attire...such as a tutu.

Yup. It's official. I love costumes. A lot a lot. Give me a reason, any reason, big or small, and I'll find a way to play dress-up.

**there will be very little bloggin' going on for the rest of the week. I am going to be house/kid sitting for some of my favorite people in the whole world. See you all on Monday.

**ps: England is playing again on Friday!!!!! I am going all out and wearing every piece of flag-bearing clothing possible. And I have a LOT. Pictures will commemorate this experience.


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Amie said...

I Halloween bad??

I know it used to be used for bad purposes, but now it just seems like fun and games for little kids.

(And an excuse to eat candy... as if we needed one!)


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