Monday, June 14, 2010

Eco-friendly tomfoolery...

Guess what I'm making now?

A crocheted bag. Of bags. Plastic bags.

Yes. That ugly mess up there is my attempt at saving polar bears, the ozone, whales, small shrubs, pelicans, and...what not (*pardon me as I roll my eyes. Welcome to America, where we save animals and trees and kill babies...*) all while being creative.

While I was in Vermont a couple weekends ago I saw a bag crocheted out of plastic bags in a cute little artsy/handmade stuff store. I could do that, I thought to myself. The only reason I thought to try it was because...I hadn't before. I am always looking for new things to try, just to add to my list of "have dones." Making something out of shredded plastic bags had not yet found its way onto my list, so I went home and began.

The bag is going to be 2 big front and back panels, and 2 small rectangular panels for the sides and bottom. All attatched together with 'yarn' made of black garbage bags. But this could very well take me the rest of my life! I have been cutting up bags, into like 3/4 of an inch strips, and tying them together to form a yarn ball *all the ugly ends will disappear later*. The one front panel I have done is about 14 inches tall and 15 inches wide. And that had taken me about 25 bags. And now I'm out...

Not to mention it is slow going, crocheting out of stretchy, thin plastic. But once you get it together it is really dense. And sort of ...crunchy... and weird. Hmmmm...

I have no idea what I am going to do with this when I am done. Take it shopping and never take a store's bags again? Or...I will...go to patriotic events (it is all red, white and blue...) and...put stuff in it? Like...watermelons and apple pie...

Basically I am just going to use it for the conversations it will start...

"Uhhhh, WHAT IS that crunchy mess you have over your shoulder"
"Oh well, this is my special bags bag. Don't you want one?!"
", thanks. I don't think I can handle anything that... special."

I'll be sure and post pictures when I am done...if it isn't 300 years from now... Ugh. I need more bags!

**(disclaimer: I care about the environment. I care about God's earth and what we've done to it. I am a person who loves nature and animals immensely.  I just think people have their priorities waaaay out of whack when fluffy critters come before human beings...)**


chelsea rebecca said...

hey this is WAY TOO COOL!
and an awesome idea!!
way to save the planet!

Annie Chase said...

my my bella what an endeavor.
my mom has a bunch of plastic bags if you want them


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