Friday, June 4, 2010

More Muffalatta Madness.

In my last post I told you about my early morning adventures with a whackadoodle bird I named Muffalatta.

Weeeelllll...the adventure is still going strong.

Muffalatta Bottomless-Steak-Fries Crazy-Head(anything/anyone that sticks around my house long enough gets named, renamed, and then nicknamed very quickly) "Muffa" for short,  has become my new alarm clock.

5:28. 5:32. 5:33. The last three days he has been pretty timely with his wake up call routine. Shows up around 5:30 and then he continues on usually until around 9:00 am (but one day he came intermittently up until 4:00 pm)...I'm telling you, this bird is CRAZY.

He flies up, lands on the window and then begins to *PECK,* like a a woodpecker, only...he is a Robin and my window is glass...

Very,very strange. I have come up with a couple of options as to why this is happening. Here tis;

a) He is just insane. Seriously. I don't know where he came from, or what caused this but...HE CRAZY!

b) He sees his reflection and is trying to...protect his territory or something...? Possible, I guess. But I tried several things to cover up the window, or put scary looking things in it to ward him off but...nope. He keeps coming. And as of when are robins territorial? And also, why did he just decide to do this? I've lived in this house for over 4 years and in this room since February...WHY NOW? Where has this bird been and why has be started this tomfoolery NOW?

c) He wants to come live with me. I'm a Kiss (my mom's side of the family). I like nature and nature (generally) likes me. I've always wanted a bird and for a long time I considered becoming a licensed rehabilitator so I could have big, bad, carnivorous things like falcons, ravens and hawks in my care. A pirate with something a little more menacing than a parrot...
Though a robin might eat live worms, I never, ever, ever, ever pictured a robin on my list of critters I'd  like to have...maybe Muffalatta is trying to change my mind? He keeps this up, I might seriously let him in. Though the cat Tobin desperately wants to eat him, Muffa doesn't seem to mind too much. Tobin keeps launching himself into the window -knocking down all sorts of things on my desk- during the pecking routine and Muffa just keeps coming back. (As I am writing this Tobin is standing up behind my computer screen quietly meowing and flicking his tail -into my line of vision- with great anticipation...)

d) God wants me to get up at 5:30... This is possible, I guess. Back when I was 11 (I was a really odd kid from like age 10 up until...maybe 15/16...or now...or I still am...) my normal wake up time was somewhere in between 4:30 and 6:00 am (I wanted to get up, read my Bible and then do art projects before school...?). I'm not quite that crazy any more and I only get up that early if I have to. But Muffa is messing my sleep schedule all up. Or God is intervening? God used birds in the Bible so maybe Muffa has been commissioned to get me out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn? I try and go back to sleep, but he keeps coming back every few minutes and pecking incessantly on the might just give up on sleeping past 6:00 very, very soon.

This whole thing is just craziness. What I thought was a one-time, weird experience that would make a cute video and blog post has turned into...I'm still not really sure what this is. Still deciding. Open to your opinions (a? b? c? d? all the above? none of the above?).

I would mostly just like to know how long this is going to last so I can start going to bed earlier and drinking even stronger coffee when I wake up. Or train Tobin to like birds...


Kimmie said...

awhh, I can't wait to meet him- he sounds like he wants to be adopted!
Did you ask him?

Or maybe he just has a hidden *crazy meter* and found you, as you were the closest match on the crazy meter!

Or he has a message from God for you...did you ask him? Is he trying to give you meat? (hey, its biblical).

i knoW! hE HEARD YOU HAVE A LOVE FOR nacho Libre and he wants you to invite him in to watch it. (he's not very bright, he should really come around and just ring the doorbell-wouldn't that be fun?

hannah margaret said...

thanks for your words of encouragement darling!! that bird sounds hilarious...

Anonymous said...

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