Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quest for Cowboy Boots? Complete.

My quest: Cowboy boots, brown, plain, comfortable, size seven and a half, that look good with dresses?

Mission. Accomplished.


Ellie said...

those boots look wonderful with your dress! did you make it?

Isabella Kiss said...

Ellie, I WISH! It is one of my most favorite dresses ever. It is so flowy and country looking and the fabric is pieced together in a very unique way. Believe it or not it is some asian brand (cant read tag obviously) and I found it at Goodwill quite a while back.

The Rigolosos said...

Isabella, I loved your comment so much I had to follow you over here and say a proper hello. I agree with you, too. True beauty can only be found in the One who created us. Lovely blog.
xo MOlly R

Isabella Kiss said...

Thanks molly! :)


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