Monday, August 8, 2011

Remember that scene with the elephant graveyard?

You know, the one where Simba says "danger? I laugh in the face of danger! hahahah".

Well, I remember it. It's the very best part of the movie. ( I'm quoting the Disney classic The Lion King, for those of you who are lost. And I can quote it like a pro as my sister watched it like everyday of her childhood.)

You see this? This is what I would call my personal elephant graveyard. I love this stuff. This is the aforementioned laughable danger. This is one of those moments where forbidden looks all too inviting. The very fact that is tree is eating the sign and ensnaring it with vines is a sign of adventure and a good time.
But really. Can you read what that says? Yeah, me neither. I think it says something about trespassers will get to take really awesome photos and will be rewarded with delicious canollis. Or at least that is what I THINK it says.

What's that saying about being ignorant? Something about bliss, I believe it is?

This location is an abandoned factory about 15 minutes from my house. I have been DYING to do a photoshoot there, but I am smart enough to not go too close alone. But unfortunately no one wants to go with me. Bummer.

But I couldn't resist taking some roadside pictures as I drove by it a few days ago. Innocently parked on the main road, in clear view of the world, snapping pictures of a broken down building and a no trespassing sign. Please, oh please, someone be brave and volunteer themselves to come closer with me! OH PLEASE! I had to use all the common sense and self control within myself to keep from jumping over a fence and peering in windows.

Guys, don't even tell me that doesn't look fun. Do you even see what I see here?! This is ...perfect.

ALL I want to do is take pictures. No shenanigans. No trouble. Just artsy photos. And this is the perfect location. Old. Brick. Broken down. Abandoned. Graffitted. Rusted. Destroyed. This is the stuff I dream about! This is me is a beautiful adventure!

...And I am not even going to mention what great aerial shots I could get if I climbed that water tower. No, I am not going to mention that at all. Not like that thought is consuming my mind or anything right now. Nope. Not at all.

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emily michael said...

Someday we will adventure there and take crazy-mad-artsy pictures :)


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