Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can you wear cowboy boots in New England?

Who cares? I am going to. I am on a quest.

This is what the goal looks like...

*click for sources*

Brown, size 7.5, cowboy/girl boots to add to my expansive boot collection.

(believe it or not, finding cowgirl boots in a small New England state in the month of July is harder than one would think...and one would think it is hard to begin with. Can't find a single reasonable looking pair. Instead I found rubberized rainbow leopard ones. Of course I did. Blarg. I WILL find some. Imma rock this look all fall.)


a girl with a smile said...

I do hope you find some :)

Marisa said...

Danbury, CT has a few little "cowboy" type shops - my sister found hers there forever ago.

Isabella Kiss said...

Marisa, that is EXTREMELY good to know. thanks! :)

Cossette said...

State Line Tack used to have a store in MA, but they have an online store and yes, sell honest to goodness cowboy boots.


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