Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vintage Dress Restyle

So as you know I am in a sewing mood as of late. In the boxes and boxes of fabric in my house I found a handmade, vintage, crazygreenpattern dress. A big one. I think my mom bought it a looonnng time ago, probably at some thrift shop, in hopes of bringing it down to size, but she never got around to it.

So...I did.

Oh hey there, mama, yes, I did jack your dress and am now shamelessly posting about it. Don't worry. You can borrow it! I just did the dirty work for you.

Dress as I found it:

(hard to gauge what size it was, but clearly too big for me. Too long, too wide, and had ginormous amounts of room for my armpits.)
 *check out my awful tan. It is like some variant of a farmers tan, only my arms and shoulders are like four colors instead of two. Can you tell I haven't been to the beach all summer? Yes. Also I look abnormally SnookiOrange in these shots. Bad camera settings, I promise.

RESTYLED DRESS, after taking in the seams a couple inches, shortening the straps, putting in some darts and shorting the hem about 4 inches.

Awful photos, but the dress does look better, no? I have a friend's wedding to attend this weekend...this dress is now on the "possible things to wear" list.


BlueVanilla said...

Great post! Love how you belted this...looks great!

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Sandy Joe said...

It's amazing how a wild patterned muu muu can be transformed into a chic dress! I usually just shorten mine and belt it!

x The Pretty Secrets

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

I feel like every time I look at your blog lately it's something to do with a dress. I'm so proud. (wipes tear)

Although, in that last picture, you kinda look like you think you're too good for me, but I am not taking it personally.

Nice sewing skills.

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks guys!
and @sarah louise...oh you. you're silly. basically i've just come to the conclusion that I am a girl and that dresses are ever so much more comfortable in the summer than jeans so...works out well. happy to make you proud. ;)


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