Saturday, August 6, 2011

On philosophy and throw pillows...

"The success and happiness of a person can be measured by the amount of throw pillows they possess."

I'm pretty sure some philosopher type dude said that. Or then again, maybe I just made it up. I can't seem to remember...

But regardless, I have have lots of throw pillows in my life. And I love them. A couch and a bed are not a couch or a bed unless they have like 40 pillows to squish yourself into, and about 19 blankets to snuggle yourself under. Yes. I have an addiction. To pillows and blankets.

And this week in my sewing fury I made more. Yup, I have issues. I know.

 This is my couch. With five really comfy pillows. The striped one was an extra from my bed that fit the color scheme. The two geometric ones are from Ikea. The two in the front I made. The swirly New Grange-looking one (the back is big polka dots!) was a creation for this last week. It is my new favorite!

My bed. 3 regular pillows.Throw pillows: 2 red ones made by me, also the fuzzy 70s looking one. Brown one in back was a vintage purchase, as was the embroidered one in front. That's 5 in total.
And my bed is only a twin size.

But it is a very, very comfy twin.  Thanks to my philosophy on pillows. And yes, I am very happy about it.

ps: LOOK! I used an iron to make sure the fabric for the pillows was all flat. My sister (an iron addict) saw this as a sign of Christs second coming.
For anyone who knows me, you are celebrating this miracle right along with me. For those of you who don't know me: I don't iron. Ever. My wardrobe is iron free, and perhaps wrinkly, but I am happy about that too!


kelleyjohnson07 said...

I LOVE pillows! My husband sometimes thinks two is too many. Sad day haha. Also, I don't even own an ironing board so you are one step ahead of me :)

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Bella be honest with me: When you do chores do you really get that dressed up in fancy shoes and everything? Or was ironing such a special occasion that you needed to get dolled up for it? :-)

Isabella Kiss said...

that was short before a photoshoot, so yes, I was wearing clothes worth photographing. :p


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