Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's wrong with this picture...

Save for the headlessness of it all, does everything look to be in order? Well, let me give you a clue. My shirt is a shirt, but so is my skirt.

Meaning, yes, I am wearing a shirt as a skirt. What is even better is that I made the shirt a couple years ago.
When worn properly it looks something like this:

(fantastic armpit shot by my mom, on last year's beach vacation).
(shot from Awakening Conference 2011- me and my friend Rachael doing vocals.
Credit to Danielle Crosby)

So not only am I one of those "weird" people who makes their own closer, I also do things like wear them on the wrong part of my body.  Apparently is functions as lower body wear as well when I slap a belt on it. Good stuff, eh?

outfit details: gray tee= target. skirt=shirt I made with fabric from JoAnn's. belt=gift. monstrous wooden heels=bongo, but bought at goodwill. necklaces=handmade from bullets and vintage keys.

As soon as I am done with school for the summer (oxymoronically paradoxical, yes?)- NEXT WEDNESDAY- I am going to be making stuff. Skirts (real ones, not shirts) are on the list. Wicked easy too. Tutorial to come!


ElleBee said...

Would you mind posting a photo tutorial on how you make your shirt into a skirt? :)

Isabella Kiss said...

ellebee, honestly there isn't much to be told about it. It is really just a loose, peasanty type shirt. All I did was put it on my waist, scrunch it up, and put the belt on to hold it in place. Totally temporary, no sew job!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

that's cool that you can wear it as both things!! nice!


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