Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are such stuff as dreams are made on...

I'm living proof right here. (and fifteen points to anyone who can, without Google, give me the source of the quote used in the title).

Dream that came true #1- I FINISHED MY SUMMER CLASSES!
Now I get 3 weeks of summer to myself before I am back to school full time! Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!

Dream that (sort of) came true #2- COWBOY BOOTS! 
But by sort of I mean they are not the ones I want. I really wanted plain brown ones, but due to a lot of  tomfoolery in the store (such an aggravating story I don't even want to type it out!) I had the brown ones I wanted taken away from me and has to settle for black ones until another pair of brown ones can be found elsewhere. But s'all good 'cause they were cheap on clearance!
Even though these are the wrong color they still make me ever so happy. I do not care if it is July in New England. I am thinking about how country roads are going to take home to the place that I belong, my Sweet Home Alabama, and how there I am wanted, Dead or Alive.
 And yes. I just combined 3 songs. And sang them out loud all medleyfied as I typed. Yes I did. Get at me.

 *if the painting THE SCREAM was set on a farm it would look like this... no?

In other news, my dress was a tablecloth until earlier this week. I felt that my boots needed a plaid cowgirl-esk dress. So I made one.
If I were a good blogger I would have posted a tutorial was a very spur of the moment creation and I am clearly not a good blogger, so...
But basically it is a tube with straps. Not much to be told.

Tomorrow I am making skirts (with pockets!) and I will be a well-behaved blogger and put up a tutorial. I promise. Maybe.

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Ellie said...

wow, and throughout that whole post I was wondering where in the world you found that cute dress! I must say, I would never have been able to look at a tablecloth and think "dress"... you are amazing!


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