Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Final Stretch...

...al...moooost....th..er..err...errreee....(*pants super dramatically*)

Almost to the end of my summer classes that is. Today I have to edit to papers and then simply show up to school to drop them off today and tomorrow and then FREEDOM SWEET FREEDOM! ...for like 3 weeks.

(I feel like THIS PHOTO perfectly describes the college situation I have gotten myself into.)

What am I going to do with my three weeks of glorious liberty from education, you ask? Well....

Like anything at this point. I just need some unrestrained creativity in my life. Immediate plans would be making some skirts (as mentioned in the previous post) and stuff such as that (I started yesterday by making a dress out of a plaid tablecloth...). Going to look all over the internet for inspiration and over priced things I can recreate and then do it. Mental release for me.
What exactly I am not sure. But I can tell you it will NOT be research papers. I will be research free for 3 weeks. I need some good old venting blog posts and some crazy imaginative fiction right about now. And NONE of it will have a works cited page. NONE I TELL YOU!

As much as that is not a fun game it is a necessity to my life. Huzzah.

Mostly involving my keyboard and my voice. I need to play. I need to sing. I need to bang keys and release notes. I don't care what it is. I just need to make music.

I plan on doing a couple photoshoots with friend or inanimate objects. There is an abandoned mill that has been beckoning to me for months now. I can only keep myself away for so long...

I need to be outside. As nice as my air conditioned school and nice cool bedroom are I need some nature in my life. Last week in August my family is going to spend a week at the beach, but until then I need to frolic in the woods and roll around in some grass or something. Being inside is horrible awful.

It is hard to motivate myself to go when I have papers to write. But now I have no excuses and I refuse to be the college kid who sleeps all day in the summer. PRODUCTIVIIIITTTTYYY!

Yeah...yucky stuff. But required to being a functional adult. I need to get texts books for my classes in the fall. Also need to think about another part time job. Dust Assassining is great, but you can only clean houses for so many hours in a day.  Don't know where I am going to try and work, but I think I would prefer retail over a restaurant. I refuse to do that because extensive people skills are required and I extensively lack those. Or maybe I can be a roofer. That would be the most fun.

That is about all I have for now... but I think that is enough to keep myself busy for the time span of three weeks. I will for sure be doing SOMETHING as relaxation is not something I really enjoy. Posts on my progress to come, I promise! 

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Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

You know Bella, working in retail usually requires extensive people skills too...

Roofer. Do it.


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