Monday, July 11, 2011

what to do with horrendously blue frosting...

Step 1: first you must obtain the ghastly blue stuff. Yup. It comes this way.

Step 2: make some cupcakes

Step 3: find some children (such as your boyfriends adorable little sisters!) and taste test the frosting while the cupcakes bake.

Step 4: frost 'dem cupcakes (adding sprinkles required!) in honor of the my boyfriend/ their brother's up- coming birthday!

 Step 5: them consume the sugarydeliciousness that is the cupcakes, as mailing them to an Airman in Mississippi is very tricky. It's the thought that counts, right?


Annie Chase said...

AHHH!!! He's in Mississippi??

if you ever decide to visit him this year, drop by and visit me too!!

Marisa said...

When mailing cup cakes, cookies or any kind of baked goods and you know they will be sitting in the mail 6-7+ days (up to about 2-3 weeks) place the baked goods in wax paper, and then on the side of the container or on top of the wax paper put a couple pieces of fresh bread. When it arrives the baked goods will still be moist and the bread will be stale as can be - just make sure the person knows it's not intended for them to eat the bread! It worked for me when I was dating a guy who was in Afghanistan and it works every time when my mom sends me stuff in Thailand! Just got brownies the other day and my friends were amazed at how good they still tasted!

Marisa said...

PS - I mean put wrap them in wax paper and then put it in a plastic container or bag and make sure the bread is within that container/bag.

Isabella Kiss said...

@ Annie, yeah he is CURRENTLY is Mississippi. But in a couple months he will be heading to Washington state... :/

And Marisa, thank you! that was helpful! I did send him peanut butter cookies. With the cupcakes I was worried about them being all smushed and the frosting being nasty and crystally. but next time I send soemthing I will have to try that bread and wax paper trick! :)


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