Tuesday, January 4, 2011


And yes, I am still alive! No! I haven't died! I'm here! I'm here!

So sorry I haven't posted in a long while. The holidays were busy with friends, family and fun and as soon as Christmas pasted my internet crashed. FOR A WHOLE WEEK! But finally I am back to post again. I am not even sure I can recap all of my year, or even the last 2 weeks. So I think I will just pull some of my favorite pictures/moments from 2010 and post those...

New (converted attic) bedroom!

19th birthday with flaming pineapple

my youth group's (Merge Ahead) worship team leading worship at the Rhode Island Awakening Conference

My sassy, fabulous Ethiopian sister coming home

My hair losing its "virginity"

Seriously good thrifting

 Projects. Creativity. Making stuff.

 Cheering on my team (England) in the world cup
/ watching them lose and the personal agony that followed.

 An amazing mission trip to San Jose, Costa Rica

Finishing off said trip with rain forest zip-lining.

Seriously silly 22nd birthday parties for cool girls

Family vacation to Westerly, Rhode Island


Bettering myself at photography (more posts on that coming soon!!!!)

Shooting guns.

 Trying to better myself at cooking
(I'm am working my way to up being a crazily well-rounded, multi-skilled individual)
Making this.

 Scrabble-ing at an epic level

Recieving these
(ohhhh yes friends, those ARE red, skull, size boys XL footie pajamas.)

these people. my people.

A lot happened in 2010. Looking back even to my recap of 2009 I am amazed at how far I've come. And I am looking forward to how much further I'll go in 2011. Happy New Year, everyone!


bebe bird beck said...

What a beautiful year!

You are one crafty well rounded lady!

jemina said...

Darling your 2010 was definitely STELLAR!!!, Happy New Year to you my dear, and I wish you LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and HAPPINESS in abundant!!!

LOVE u sweetie

ediot said...

hi darling. thanks for stopping by me dear
nice photos here. hope you're having a good week

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

I'm so excited for your 22nd birthday. (and you 20th and your 21st I guess)
Also sweet jammies.
Also are you even English? Or do you just cheer for them because they have such sick accents?

julie said...

Hope you had a great new year! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Hope to see you again sometime!

Cheers! -Julie


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