Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quoteables (and more snow...)

I'm snowed in.

If you remember I am house sitting this week, and currently it is snowing. AGAIN. So here I am, sitting in a nice house, up atop a hill. A hill covered in snow. I can't really go anywhere until the plow guy comes, so my Portuguese water dog friend Madison and I are hanging out, reading, blogging and doing homework.

In my snowed in boredum I realized I sort of let the weekly "Quoteables" post die out (again), so I figured while I am sitting here, captive in a house that is not mine (and I don't want to go to mine as my family is all puking apparently?), I could do a post.

Saturday night I was at a Bible Study. We were looking at the life of the prophet Elijah and how God used him and other people in unusual ways to accomplish His will. In the passage we looked at (1 Kings 17) Elijah was living in a time of famine, but God had him where he was for a purpose. God was using Elijah to bring his word. There was no food and no water, but God kept him alive in miraclous (and actually weird) ways. He sustsained him by...having ravens bring him food. (whut wuuuut?) As we talked about this the leader of the study shared a quote that I liked and I immediately knew it was going in a blog post. It is by George Whitefield, a well known minister who was involved in the Great Awakening, and it talks about God working through us.

If you've ever read any of my other quote posts(or any post with more words than pictures) you know how I am about being passionate and living for a purpose.  Whitefield seemed like minded and I really like the way that he worded it.

“So long as the work God calls us to do is not complete, he will see to it that we are sustained. We are immortal until our work is finished.” - George Whitefield

You were created for a purpose. As long as you are breathing in air, there is a reason why you are here. And no one can stop you but you. You are immortal until you're not. I really, really, really liked that.

I know I was put here to live for God and bring Him glory. All of heaven has my back. There is no reason for me not live my life to its fullest, " to the hilt," and with much ardency as I can, and no one is going to stop me.

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