Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesomebella Cooks-FRIED RICE

Yup! I am back and I'm cooking again. The last couple weeks I just haven't been home to do so, but yesterday I started back up again. What this time?  


I seem to cook like I crochet, looking at patterns/recipes and then combining them in my head. So what I came up with was sort of a conglomerate of culinary-ness. I fried some rice. Made a DELECTABLE stir fry of vegetables. And also marinated and stir fried up some shrimp and chicken on the side. 

Pictures! (And I am well aware that all of them are AWFUL. All cooking shots are taken with my point and shoot, several years old Olympus, because it can fit in my apron pocket and I don't have to worry about destroying it. Image quality is yucky. But...it is hard to photography and fry stuff at the same time. Workin' with what I've got...)

STIR FRY: water chestnuts, frozen peas, frozen broccoli, baby carrots, mushrooms, (lots of) ginger, garlic, tamari, soy sauce, red pepper flakes.

 Wok stir frying became a joint effort between me and my mom. Complex.

 Do all families of ten buy in bulk and then store the bulkiness is odd containers? 
HINT: that isn't actually pretzels...
 Fried rice, with eggs and scallions!

 Chicken (and shrimp not shown) marinated in oil, ginger, tamari and lemon juice. 
Cooked. Chopped. Stir fried quick.

Final results. Awful photo. Tasty food.

Overall, I ended up happy with it. The fried rice still wasn't JUST right, but hey... I'm not Asian. Would like to be. Trying to be. But not. 

Family thought it was good enough that they ate it all. Apparently chicken with ginger on it is delicious (I wouldn't know. But I was told. I think it is safe to guess that ginger makes everything better!). And apparently I should cook fried rice once a week. Uh...no...
But I do plan on giving it another try at some point. I also want to try and do some lo mein. With fried tofu! And maybe pork for the meat heads.

Eventually I will be revisiting Asian cuisine. But yesterday was a good first try!


Rachel said...

I'll bet that tastes good; alas, I'm back in the dorm with a microwave and a mini fridge. XD

Linka said...

ok, now I"m drooling! This looks so good!

Diya said...

ahhhhhh that looks DELICIOUS. I've been craving chinese food since I'm current staying with the boyfriend this Christmas break and he prefers hamburgers over stir fry...although now you're tempting me with the idea of making fried rice.

In Her Stilettos

Anonymous said...

i luv Chicken Fried Rice. nice pics they look delicious.


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