Sunday, April 14, 2013

On Nannying and Disappointment:

Remember, last week I was all excited because after 5 months of searching I finally found a great full time, good paying, good scheduled job? I was a nanny to 3 boys under 10, remember? 5 days a week 45-50 hours a week?

Well...not any more.

It is a bit of a complicated story and I don't really feel comfortable disclosing many details about the family on a blog, but basically there was a lot which I wasn't told up front. Multiple instances of the kids telling me stuff and then saying "but mommy said not to say anything about that to you." There was also some major behavior issues and a lot of really bad language in use by the kids. However, it was great money, a good schedule, and I really do love working with kids. I was just hoping that over time I could better establish some authority and end the "yeah well, you're not the boss of me" type behavior. I was looking forward to it in fact. Also, my initial hope had been a family with at least majority, if not all little girls. But it seemed to all be working out for the 2 weeks I was there, so I was going to stick it out because I had been praying "if this is the job for me then work it out or close it down God."

Well...apparently He closed it down.

I had been getting tons of postive feedback. The kids really liked me and were begging for me to stay after their parents got home. We had had several days of super hero mask making, ninja fights, reading books, minecraft, playdoh, angry birds, clay and other such little boy activities. I left on Friday with the promise of "see you on Monday!"

However, five minutes into my half hour ride home the mom texted me. Apparently, the original nanny whom I was supposed to be replacing was planning on taking a new job but then she didn't end up getting it (The original nanny was also the best friend of the mother and I don't know all the details but she was being paid less than I was or not at all). The text informed me that the parents didn't want the kids to know or get upset, but as their original nanny friend was now available again they were taking back my position and returning it to her. After 8 days of nannying I was done. My job was being rescinded and returned to the initial nanny. And was told so over text so it would be kept on the hush hush for the kids. Grand. I was kindly informed that they all loved me and I did nothing wrong and they would gladly keep me in their contact list if anything changed but...the end.

Needless to say, I am super frustrated and rather annoyed. I am not looking forward to more job applications and searching job boards all day. I spent months getting that job. We were both thrilled to have a second income which we were just putting all in savings. I was really hoping it was going to work out for the duration that we are stationed here. Apparently not. But I know it must be for the better. I can't say why it came to an end but I am trying really hard not to be mad about it. Who knows, God may have been protecting me from something or may just have something way better coming my way. I am annoyed that I have to start the process all over, but I am looking forward to whatever it is I will be doing in the future. But for now, I'm make to being a homemaker/crazy cat lady/unemployed and job hunting wife. I'll keep you all posted; prayers appreciated.


Ellie said...

Definitely praying Bella! The whole thing does sound rather frustrating. I'll be praying that God gives you peace in the midst of this and that another door will open for you soon! Lots of love and prayers to you!

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks so much ellie. so appreciated!


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