Friday, April 19, 2013

And that's all my phone has to say about that...

This week according to my phone.
This is my cat. This is the face my cat makes when I am taking notes for school and he desperately wants to chew on my pen. Any pens left unattended in this house will be pen-napped and will wind up under a fridge or couch with many little teeth marks in them. Silly cat.
We had been putting off buying a weed whacker and lawn mower as long as possible and then all of a sudden it poured for like 2 weeks and that grass just kept on a growin'. Finally we got that situation taken care of. By the end we had a huge pile of grass and it looked like a freshly hayed field.
Also, please note my husbands stylish combat boots and jeans. You can fight wars in them or weed whack your grass- super practical!
This blurry mess is my husband playing the 1st Squadron intramural volleyball game of the season. JoJo's the blue blur, haha.
Finally, it decided to stop raining and let me plant some more of my garden!
wearing a bracelet or two (or 6) on Friday evenings to our young couple's small group so that the leader's beautiful blue-eyed baby girl will want to play with my jewelry and be my bff.

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