Friday, April 26, 2013

And that's all my phone has to say about that:

Saturday we spent the day with my husband's public speaking class.
The kind professor is also a local pastor, and he brought the class out of their classroom and to his church to use the mic in a big space. Then he had us all to his beautiful home and fed us. Not like the usual hot dog cook out- an entire Salmon! I brought cookies.
Customary never-ending fascination with boxes which all cats possess.
Knitting a blanket.
I've crocheted many, but knitting is much slower going for a project this big. Been at it for months and only 45 squares in. By fall I WILL have a nice Queen sized stripey blanket. I love how it looks so far!
This mama's boy has to get himself into everything I do. He is such a good helper.
Been learning to drive stick on my new (used) car. Finally, we are a two vehicle family!
Husband bought it from a friend relocating to Japan.
 It's a Teal 1996 Nissan 200sx. (haven't gotten pictures, but this one here is what it looks like)
 I tried to learn driving standard at age 17 and failed but I'm happy to say with my husbands help I'm doing much better this time around and there has been minimal stalling.
Also, my previous driving experience has been my family Suburban, my Durango, and my husband's Dodge Ram. A little car is a new thing to me. 40 mpg is nice though!!
Tip: don't make the same mistake we did. You don't need both a cat and a paper shredder.
 Most cats are willing to help with shredding (not being serious, but he sure is a good shredder)
Been dehydrating fruits in my oven (post to come).
I think they are super delicious. JoJo does not.
Meal planning: it is a good thing. But we are pretty routine people. Tacos on Tuesday, Breakfast for Dinner on Wednesday and Fishes on Fridays. Only have to get extra creative on Monday and Thursday. It works for us. (and yes, we do eat on the weekend, but I don't try and plan it.)

Somehow the Word of God always seems to make more sense and impact me more when I am outside.
Ive been talking walks in the lovely weather (praying as I go- something my friend Jeri taught me)down to a pond on base and doing my study (this one from my church!) there.
I always take notes and doodle when I read the Bible. It just works for me.

seriously wish I could sleep in a literal ball like this.

out for a spring time walk. Finally some sunshine around here! Weather in the 60's!
 (anyone know what type of tree this is? blossoms were all...fluffy and pompom-y...not a cherry tree?)

Not sure how it got there but a section of our garden area by the front door is FULL of mint (because mint will do that. it takes over everything). Brought some inside and been making tea!
Blinds are super ugly, but a nice sunset peaking through makes them a little bit better.
**Wanna apologize if these posts are super random, but they are more for the benefit of my folks back home than anything else. Hope they aren't annoying you too much. Just try and tolerate me and my excessive cat photos, please.

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