Monday, April 15, 2013

And that's all my phone has to say about that...

Last week according to my phone:

the majority of my week was 45 hours of nannying. I was having a good time getting paid to play play doh and read dragon books. But alas, that has ended (see previous post)
my new buddy I made on the job who went by the name of "mow" (rthyms with "wow") because the littlest boy thought everytime she meowed she was trying to tell him her name. cute.
my own kitty boy helping me out with homework. one paw on the mouse, one paw on the keyboard.
I've never been much for doing laundry and it sure doesn't help that I have triple the amount of laundry a normal newlywed couple would have, thanks to all the military uniforms and such. I got a little behind last week and had to fold this mountain.
I love how low the clouds feel/are in Washington. Some gorgeous blue skies this week, but the large majority of the week was either pouring rain or showers every five minutes. then it also hailed on Sunday. Lovely.
Slimely, greasy, messy ball park food. JoJo and I went to our first baseball game together. Mariners and Rangers at Safeco Field. Post to come!
Lousy picture, but this is probably the highlight of my week. Our cat has this thing about imperfections or dust on walls and ceilings. He suddenly saw a little fluff stuck to our bedroom ceiling and yelling...severe meowing...I don' it from the bed, super upset he couldn't reach it. JoJo picked him up and he got the fluff (ate it). Then after my husband put him down he spotted some dust and ran back over and yelled for JoJo to pick him up again. What foolishness...

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Diana said...

Oooooohhh how sweet is that cat?! :)
Very cute pictures!


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