Sunday, January 1, 2012

Little Sweden

On Friday I went to Little Sweden with two lovely ladies.

When I say "Little Sweden," I mean IKEA. And when I say lovey ladies I mean M and B. (They have full names, but those are not important...). M is JoJo' something? And B is M's best friend. She is bound by no laws.

We drank soda made out of mythical berries, squished lots of pillows and made up several dance moves throughout the day.

 2 words: LINGON. BERRY. 
3rd word: SODA.
Response: OH HECK YES.

 I loved these pillows, but they felt like they were stuff with....swedish elephant dung. 
All lumpy and gross!

 If the chair matches your tights, you probably should buy it
(but I didn't. But good thing too. Posts to come on the chair I bought the next day!)

 I tell them to look natural and this is what they do?

At the end of the day I spent only $20 (couple little glass jars, some orange storage boxes, and a small rug), but had lots of fun. I shall visit Sweden again soon.


Ellie said...

I've always wondered what the inside of Ikea looks like, many different departments it seems.
Can't wait to see the chair! I am going to dare to predict that it is a very unique, one-of-a-kind, Bella chair! :) (in other words, a very cool piece of furniture!)

Isabella Kiss said...

Ellie, you are so sweet!
And yeah, Ikea is broken up into like a showroom floor with little rooms set up (so fun!) then a downstairs that sells like plates and housewares, as well as the lower warehouse where you buy the furniture you saw in the show room all boxed up and ready to take home and build!
And as for the chair? Yes. it is VERY unique. I so do not need another chair, but the uniqueness drew it to me. As did the price tag. :)


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