Monday, January 9, 2012

Boom, here we go uhgaiinnn...

Me, JoJo's mama and two little sisters are taking a plane trip.

McChord Air Force Base/Airman Tonski, here we come.

In just a little over a month I will be seeing my JoJo again! This will be my first time going to where HE is. This will be my first time on an Air Force base. This will be my first time in the big, beautiful state of Washington. And I am so, so, so excited.

Let the count-downing begin!

**positive thing... 238...(yes, I did just make up that number) about long distance relationships: being able to make little countdown widgets and get yourself all excited days/months in advance!

SIDE NOTE:  Due to unfortunate flight booking circumstances, will be my first time flying alone. The four of us leave the same place at the same time, and get there within an hour of each other, but I wound up on a plane by myself. I have flow many, many, many times, to many, many world locations, but never all by me onesie. Little apprehensive about the quick flight change I have to make in Chicago. So...pray for me.


Ellie said...

Those countdown widgets are awesome... I'm going to have to get one of those for my brother's BMT graduation!
I think you will really like the AF base! Getting to live on base is one thing that I've really missed since my dad retired!
That really stinks about your flight! Will be praying for safe travel all the way!

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks Ellie! I am really looking forward to it!
and as a side note, thank you for being my most faithful reader! apparently I have 79 others but...I'm beginning to wonder :P

Ellie said...

I love your blog! You have become a major inspiration and huge role model for this fifteen year old girl! Especially since you started blogging about your relationship with JoJo and, as you said in your first post, how worth it it was to not spend your teen years dating a bunch of guys but trusting that God does have a plan and will bring it about in His timing. I’ve had this same mind-set for awhile and you and JoJo are perfect proof for me that God does honor these kind of commitments even if people do think it sounds crazy!
This, along with a strong faith and wonderful humor evident in every post is what’s kept me lovin’ your blog!
This is quite possibly the longest comment in you blogs history but just wanted to let you know the “why” behind all my many comments and daily following!
(by the way, you have the most rad YG ever… though I’d throw that in there)

Isabella Kiss said...

You are so cool, Ellie. Keep it up. I am glad I can inspire you. Trust me, I know how you feel. there were many, many days in my teen years where I literally began to think I was maybe the crazy one and perhaps I had freakishly high expectations, like everyone else seemed to think I did. But JoJo is my proof. But when I was 14 I made a commitment to wait for the 1 perfect man that God had made just for me, and I began praying for him on a regular basis. (which was also right about the time JoJo showed up to my youth group and got saved. hmmm.) It is really cool now to KNOW that JoJo is that guy. It has been unbelievable seeing how perfectly he fits those prayers I prayed. God is faithful. Doing things the right way is WORTH IT.
Keep being faithful, Ellie. God will always show himself faithful in your life.
and by the way, Thanks for encouraging me too! :)


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