Thursday, April 14, 2011

Once again, we're AWAKENING.

Or we will be at AWAKENING, actually. Awakening is a youth conference in the New England area which my youth group, MERGE AHEAD, goes to each spring. *SEE PROMO HERE.

This year not only will my amazing youth pastor "Rev" Eric Peoples be speaking, but our worship band (of which I am a part-vocals and keys!) will be doing a couple of worship sets. SO EXCITED! We were privileged to do it last year as well and it was an amazing experience.

For those of you who can't come to the conference (the last weekend in April) I will be posting up links later on that you will be able to watch the conference streaming live on the internet or on GodTV. It is great stuff. Really check it out.

Anyway, last night our band practiced. Unfortunately we decided to practice after our Wednesday night church service which meant we didn't even get started until after 9:30. And we went until after 11. Normally we have a rough time not goofing off during practice but get us all together late at night and the experience becomes very...special. For a good while our 2 electric guitarists were working on intro parts so I grabbed my camera and decided to take pictures instead of sitting there silently holding my mic. Here's what that all looked like...

More pictures to come!
Go explore the Awakening site and get ready to tune into the conference April 28th-30th!

*sorry about the grainy pictures. we only had some of the lights on and it is an already tough to take pictures in room. But you get the idea...

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Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Love the one of the guy on the piano singing. (screaming? laughing? lol)


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