Wednesday, April 6, 2011


*yes. it is Wednesday. yes I cooked this last Thursday and am just getting to posting it now. oh well...other priorities...

This last week I cooked some BRICK CHICKEN AND ISRAELI COUSCOUS for dinner. This whole meal stemmed out of the fact that my mom had purchased a bunch of Israeli couscous (basically like couscous only like 4 times the size. More like small pasta balls?) and we wanted to use it in a recipe.

This recipe from Tyler Florence actually called for just regular couscous but we made a substitute. I more or less followed the whole recipe. Few changes were made along the way when we forgot to buy scallions and instead of buying dried apricots we bought dried cherries/cranberries/blueberries. But in the end it all worked out and a tasty (and colorful) meal was cooked!
 roasting cinnamon sticks and cumin seeds before grinding (used already ground coriander)

 Chicken (I used thighs, not a whole chicken like Tyler did.) marinating.

 Israeli couscous is rather like frog eggs...only it is not...
Looks like it though when it is cooking!

 Roasty toasty almonds.

 One would not have thought at first looking at the recipe that all that snazzy stuff in couscous would be good. But let me tell you from me and my taste bud's experience: IT WAS DELICIOUS. And pretty. Win win.

Yogurt sauce for the chicken. This was the 2 year old's favorite part.
 "brick" chicken usually involves cooking chicken under a heavy object, such as a foil wrapped brick. This however is totally impractical. Obviously when one wants squished chicken a WOK on foil is the way to go.

All plated up pretty...

Another week, another meal cooked. What will I cook next week tomorrow? Well...I'm not actually sure yet. I will now go and consult google on the matter.


Elaine said...

Whoa, fancy fancy!

Connie said...

so cool! I should try to make something like this

Gertrude said...

Yum that looks tasty! I'm not from Israel but my mum uses that type of pasta a lot, though not in the same way as the 'normal' couscous. I don't know if it's actually the same type of pasta, or just very similar.


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