Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Me and my baby giraffe

My little sister is the cutest thing ever. She will be three in a couple weeks and she is really set on being a "big girl." I've called her my baby giraffe little squish/a zillion other things for the longest time, but I now have to beg her to respond to it. She wants to be a big giraffe and big squish. Not a chance.
Last week I was baby sitting her. She got her self dressed because big girls have that power. She was so incredibly proud of her outfit that she wanted me to take pictures of her. She thought it was really amazing that she had found polka dotted leggings and a polka dotted shirt, paired them together, and put them on "tag in the back." She threw in some leg warmers -"warm legs"- and handmade slippers from my gma to top the outfit off. It was spectacular all right...

 Just look at that style! Doesn't it just scream "I'm a big girl."?

Totally cool though. Rebellious, dressing- them-self little girls turn out to be the cute, stylish (maybe also narcissistic) ones.
Exhibit a) me 

And apparently she also thinks my camera is "magic" because it can take pictures when I'm not touching it. Whoa.

  Okay. Really. How could you NOT love her? This cutie will always be my baby giraffe. Sorry kid.


Amie said...

Haha are you 100% sure there's no blood there? At all?

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

^ haha @ Amie. You two are DEFINITELY sisters.

Cuteness overload.


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