Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new baby.

aka my CANON EOS 60D.

I FINALLY got one. I have been saving up money (every spare bill, every penny, and everything in between) for the past 8 months. And a week ago my dream of owning a D-SLR, particularly a Canon 60D came true.

I love, love, love this camera. It is entirely worth the mass amount of money I spent on it. 18 Megapixels,ISO option up to 6400. Shoots HD video. Vari-angle (flip out) LCD screen. 5.3 frames per second. 15 shooting modes, including live view. And...like a million other things. The colors and image quality is just superb. I get all giddy each time a take a photo!

Right now I have have the camera body and the lens it came with (18-135 mm). Eventually I will be doing a lens upgrade, and buying a couple accessories such a a remote, a flashgun, and a trip/monopod. But what I have now is GREAT. I have waited so, so, so long for this. And let me just tell you, the waiting makes the having even better.

I can't wait to have some free time to go out and just take photos, photos, photos. There will be plenty of that to come. I PROMISE! So many possibilities!

I'm SO EXCITED, guys!!!!

*please note how rebellious I am for not taking your typical "me with camera to my face" shot. I had to use a lot of self-control not to. Oh so tempting when your camera is just so beautiful.


Julia said...

Oh my gooooooosh that is so cool! Have fun with it! :D

iheartkiwi said...

Oh my goodness, it is a thing of beauty!

I have the Canon Rebel and I absolutely love it.

Can't wait to see your photos!


Firstly, hello fabulous new camera, love it! I'm a huge photography nut and am obsessed with cameras, so this post has got me excited! And secondly, thank you for your bloggy visit + comment, SO great to meet yours too. xx veronika


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