Monday, March 7, 2011

There is some thing(s) you should know about me...

My name is Isabella Kiss and there are some things you should know about me...

First off, When I tell you my name is Isabella Kiss I am not kidding. It is. Really truly. Says so right on my certification of birth.

Also: When I tell you my name don't say "like in twilight!" and do not inquire about "my relationship with vampires." I get that enough. NO. NOT LIKE IN TWILIGHT! Not at all. Don't make my life worse but adding to the onslaught of Twilight jokes thrown at me upon every introducing of myself.
When I say I am a Christian that doesn't mean I am announcing that I boring and uptight, and/or that I hate anyone/anything non Christian. Quite the opposite. I am mad fun, super not boring. I just choose to have the kind of fun I can remember the next day. And strongly believe that God so loved the world and therefore so should I.

When asked for my "religion" I hesitate to answer. Why? Sound contradictory? Well, I am not into religion. I am into relationship. Like the relationship I have with my heavenly Father who saved me with the blood of His Son Jesus. That is what Christianity really is.

When I say I am a writer that doesn't mean you should say to me "well, have fun starving" or "I hope you marry well." Thanks for your concerns but feel free to keep them in your head.

When I talk of being a "dust assassin" that basically mean I make money by cleaning houses.  I just like to apply the concept of assassination to my occupation. Looks good on forms and in profiles...or not.

When I state that I am a "pescetarian" I am not telling you of my religion or occultic involvement. No, no, no! It simply means that I eat fish and not meat. Don't be confused.

When you say I am sarcastic I will disagree with you and say I am sardonic. There is a difference. Look it up!

When I mention knitting/crocheting/sewing/anything of the like please do not compare me to your grandmother. Creative, awesome, and just all together artistic I am. Granny I am not.

When I talk of that ^^ and things like cooking don't use the word "domestic" to describe me. I am not something that has been house broken and tamed. I do not walk nicely on a leash and I am much feistier than your lapdog and/or Ma Ingalls/Martha Stewart/or whatever female you think of as being domesticated. I am simply well-rounded. Don't hate cause you ain't.

When I mention I am home-schooled in grades 1- 12 that doesn't mean I was a homeschoolER.It involved no long skirts, no tucked in shirts, no life of solitude, and no awkward hair cuts. There are some serious differences such as those that you should just be aware of. And look, I turned out as a functional (and smart) member of society. Points to me (and my mom).

When I say that ^^ do not ask me if I have friends. Really now. Cease with the ridiculousity. Yes, I do. Of course.

When I talk of my family of 10 people, 8 of which are kids that doesn't mean you ought to say "LIKE THE DUGGARS!" Uhmmmm...just no. Inaccurate comparison in so many ways.

When you notice those kiddos who are my siblings and note that we have a broad range on the melanin spectrum (aka there are some serious skin tone differences) don't ask me if I am sure they are my sisters/brothers. Yes, I am sure and no explanation is owed to you if you want to be a racist. Also, no, it is not "weird" that they are adopted and I am not. You're weird and also narrow minded.

on the topic of racism...
When I say I don't really agree with/like the choices and character of our current president don't dare tell me I am a racist. Don't bother. I am anything but and I do respect our president in that he is the President and God put him into his position of authority. I simply agree with some famous guy by the name of King who said "I have a dream that {my four little children will one day live in a nation where} they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." I don't care what color he is. I simply have a problem with his character and a lot of the decisions he makes.

When I don't seem to take a like stance with the activism of groups like PETA or Americans attempting to save polar bears or any other type of wild life it doesn't mean I hate animals, I am just far more concerned the saving of human life and the great injustice of our nations tolerance of abortion. I do however really, really like animals. Love them actually! People just win. If I had to choose I'd rather save babies than furry things. Do don't talk to me about saving whales until we stop this homicide of human life.

When you are sitting there gasping as you read all this thinking that I am much too straight forward, very difficult, or maybe just highly opinionated, please know that perhaps you are right. 

I, Isabella Kiss, am very clear on what I stand for, and by stand I actually mean I take one. 

I refuse to live mediocre. 

I refuse to sugar coat. 

I refuse to be who society tells me that I am. 

I refuse to back off or shut up.

I know who I am and no one is going to change me. 
I will not be labeled, stereotyped or boxed in.

I'm passionate, ardent and ever-so-feisty.

I know what I believe and Whom I believe in and you will not be able to tell me otherwise. I was made by the God of the universe who loves me and saved me so I could live for eternity with Him and live life in abundance here on earth in a way that brings Him glory.

I live on purpose for a purpose.

Thanks for getting to know me. If you found this experience of becoming better acquainted with my person to be less than enjoyable feel free to close your eyes.

I am who I am. I like it that way. And there will be no changing it.

*this post was in my drafts. I wrote it a couple months ago during a blog venting session and am pulling it out as I am too busy studying for midterms to post this week. I hope I didn't scare y'all. If I did I'm not sorry.


ladaisi said...

Bravo! A very straight-forward list, I must say. And slightly funny. In the way it was intended to be.

I was also homeschooled grades 1-12, have seven siblings, am a person of faith, not religion, and have ever been accused of all these same things minus the Bella thing (Stephanie Meyer had it in for you).

So . . . from one misunderstood kook to another . . . best of luck.

Ladaisi Blog

Marisa said...

Great post. Never let anyone take the passion, non-mediocre fiestiness our of you - God put it in you and the World needs some mountain movers who will stand for Him and for who they are in Christ!

Go girl!

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Hey there Kissesandhugsandcuddletime,

1. I get what you're saying, but "religion" is not a bad word and Christianity is a religion, by definition and you are religious. Own it. Let's make "religion" a word that doesn't freak people out.

2. "Creative, awesome, and just all together artistic I am." Lol how much do you love yourself?

3. I'm sorry, because I know I've teased you about being "domestic" in the past. But then, I've also called you "baby" "princess" "kissesandhugs" and all manner of other things you don't like soooooooo... It kinda fits in with how I relate to you, right?

I think that's it. I miss you and you're attractive. Bye. Also if you delete this I will call you and whine about it.

Kill those midterms.

samantha said...

What brought this about?

Maybe if someone is questioning you about these things you could give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know better and give them some grace? And even if they did perhaps then all the better for you for responding graciously when they didn't deserve it- let the heaping coals do their job.
I understand how it feels to feel stereotyped, and I fail all the time at responding graciously.
This is coming from someone who grew up going to public schools, and felt ostracized and judged by homeschooling families. But I don't have to preface myself, "Yes I went to public school but, I don't vote democrat, I don't believe in evolution, I don't do drugs and I am not sexually active."
I don't think it's safe to tell people "what they shouldn't ask". While I'd be offended if someone asked me if I'm still a virgin after going to public schools, I could choose to view that situation as an opportunity to perhaps dispel a misconception about my educational experience.

As Christians we have been empowered to be both bold and vulnerable, because Jesus' blood is the only defense and definition we really need.

Brick Walker said...

Elvis is "the King" silly. MLK is "Dr. King" :P
And I already knew all these things about you :)

Isabella Kiss said...

@ladaisi-thanks! glad you can relate. And you're privileged to not get vampire jokes. Trust me, you're blessed!

@marisa- thank you thank you for joining me in standing.

@louise...oh you. I won't delete it, for I fear the amount of whiney texts that would bomb my phone. haha. and yes, I am a narcissist. we all knew that. I mean, did ya read the last post? :p

@Sam...yeah...I need to work a little bit on grace. I tend to be a little have on the boldness and light on the graciousness. It's a balance I am still working on figuring out obviously.

@"brick"...lettuce not speak of elvis. he had bad hair and weird pants. :p
and yeaaah. obviously you knew all that. :)

Elisa said...

Yes!! I hate it when I tell people that I am home-schooled and they ask me if I have any friends! I can wear pants, go to the mall, go to dances and have fun just like other teenagers. :P hehehe. ^_^


Anonymous said...

applause! you are awesome! Terri

Amie said...

"Granny I am not. "

You totally classified yourself as a granny after making the blanket :)

Much <3 (b/c I'm teasing and you know I love your blog!)



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