Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skype: the best of times, the worst of times.

#1- I hate Skype. (I just hate computers and everything to do with them most of the time)

#2- I rarely use it, and when I do, it is only with one person. I only have a Skype account so I can see this guys face before I have even more extreme withdrawals. (And because he made it mandatory that I get an account before he left for BMT back in August of 2010)

#3- But Skype means I get to "see" JoJo. Therefore, I sort of love Skype.

#4- But I also hate Skype. For many much reasons, but the greatest of which is the fact that I can *SEE* him, but he is still 3,000 bloody miles away. Blarg. 5 more days!

* in JoJo's defense, he had no idea I took this shot. I am known to take screenshots without warning. He wasn't smiling for it, and he is also in his pajamas. But oh well, I am posting it anyway, buddy.

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