Friday, July 23, 2010

I write like...

Heard of that site? Apparently it is some new Internet fad...

You go on, copy & paste a couple of paragraphs of something you've written, the site instantly "analyzes" what material you've given it, and soon a little badge pops up telling you who you write like... theory...

I heard about the site when I got home from Costa Rica, and though I thought the whole concept was a little...or a lot... ridiculous (there are only like 30 famous authors it chooses from. And inevitably, even the WORST writers will end up compared to someone of great skill. I actually read an article the site before I checked it out, and supposedly  it was used to find out that Lady Gaga's song Alejandro is comparable to Will. Shakespeare...? To that I say "HA!"), I decided to give it a try.

So, do you want to know who I write like?

WELL, apppareeently I write like several people (Yeah, I tried the thing like 5 times, laughing at the stuff it came up with).

First, I entered in part of a chapter in the middle of my book (hallelujah, I'm 'done' editing and working on the next step!). I write like told me that my several paragraphs, taken out of a high tension scene from my youth fantasy novel, was comparable to...James Joyce!?!?! Hmmm...that is...something... (ps: I don't write like him...)

Next, because I didn't believe the first result, I entered in another chapter segment, a couple pages after the first bit I had pulled, to see what it would tell me. This time I came out as Kurt Vonnegut. (anyone else seeing some ridiculousness here? Same book. Joyce and Vonnegut?)

Then I gave up on "analysis" of my novel and moved onto a short story. The one about the sky falling down came out as George Orwell (mmmmayyybe plausible. I at least LIKE Orwell. And yes, I really do like George Orwell, believe it or not.)

Fourth, I tried some lyrics to a song I wrote years ago. Wanna guess who that came out as? Just try. Oh wait, you never will...
... Stephen King.
I write song lyrics like...Stephen King?! What in the world does that even MEAN!? Lady Gaga is Shakespeare and I am Stephen King...utterly MIND BLOWING.  Who knew!? And my name is supposed to NOT be King... (alright, sorry. I'm not funny. Moving on...)

Last, I stuck in a blog post. I chose the one where I went off about my family, adoptions, and people's stereotypes and rude comments. That came out as Cory Doctorow...and I don't even think I know who that is...? (also, I just ran this post through and a couple others, just to assume myself. My blog appears to consistently come out Doctorow-y)

So basically, the site is a load of ludicrisness. I know I pretty much don't write like any of those people, and a fad website really has no authority to tell me anything about me, my writing style, or anything else. But it was fun to try. Check it out. Tell me what you come out with! I would love to laugh along with you as you find out who *YOU* write like.

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Anonymous said...

entered first verse song lyrics of a self-written song and now I'm Ernest Hemming? who is that anyways? and then I entered my life motto and now I'm
J. D. Salinger? I don't even know who these people are!



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