Friday, July 2, 2010

I Want To Be Used By You...

Sometimes a song really stands out to me, or "just-so-happens" to fit into what God is speaking in my life, and my iPod stays on 'repeat one' for hours. Or all night (I sometimes listen to worship music before I go to bed and then accidently fall asleep before I shut it off). Or even for days at a time.

I really, really love good music and I like to try and appreciate its crafting, as a trained musician and vocalist. But I need to confess: what really gets to me are LYRICS (*I am a writer, after all...). The music doesn't so much matter to me anymore if the lyrics are well-crafted. (unfortunately, on the flip side, not so-well-crafted...or inappropriately-crafted...words also powerfully effect me. I only need to hear a song about twice before I can sing the whole I try to be reaaaalllly careful about what I listen to.)  Words are powerful. Music is powerful. Words + Music = one of the greatest things ever invented. I'm a music addict. If I think about my brain capacity in terms of something like computer memory space...a whhhhhhhhole lot of my mind is filled with songs and their (complete) lyrics...I have a song for just about any situation. And I am known to sing out loud, in any situation, the song that comes to my mind. (As my best friend would say "I'm a dang walkin' musical!")

But back to the point: me listening to certain songs on repeat.

I've been doing that lately with a song called "I Want to be Used by You" (by Deluge {Jonathan Stockstill} off their latest album, Unshakable.) I fell asleep to it twice this week. I recommend to you this song, this album, and Stockstill/Deluge in general.You want some worship music? Look no further.  The lyrics --especially the pre-chorus--echo my prayer for God to use me in Costa Rica...and through my entire life...despite my human weakness and inabilities.

Here tis;

"You are calling me I can hear it clearly
To stand for purity and what's pleasing to Your heart
You are showing me I can see it clearly
A sense of destiny a change from everything around

Take me by the hand and show me what You're planning
I wanna be a part of Your design
Guide me by the heart and show me what's the future
I wanna leave a mark on history

I wanna be used by You
I wanna be used by You
So don't look me over
I'm waiting for You broken
I wanna be used by You

So have Your way
Have Your way"

**Anybody else freakishly good at remembering lyrics? Anyone else able to sleep with earbuds in? Anyone else love this song as much as I do?


Chloe Grace said...

Wish we could do a little thumbs-up sign on the keyboard. -o that sorta looks like a sideways thumbs up thingy. This is the first time i've heard this song i REAAAAAAAAALLLLLy like it! I often listen to songs like that on my Mp3 before i fall asleep -o hehe
I will be praying for you during the Costa Rica trip! ;)
Chloe Grace

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Googled, entered and listened to right away! Love, love, love, LOVE that song! Amazing lyrics, truly the echo of what's in my heart: to used by God for His glory!



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