Monday, July 19, 2010

Home again, home again...

Hey Bloglandria! I'm back home, safe and sounds, more or less caught up on sleep, now seated at my desk, miles away from Costa Rica.

I got back to CT early yesterday morning. The trip was...phenomenal. Eventually I will get around to posting more about it, and trying to give a small snapshot of all that I saw God do there. Right now, I need continue to process it all, as it is a lot to put into words in a blog post.

 And I need to unpack, a lot a lot.

 Hopefully you were following along with us and were checking up on the team on the website. If not, go to and follow the links to Costa Rica 2010 updates. There you will find some pretty powerful pictures (I took a whole bunch of them this year! I told a falsehood though when I said I was the one who would be doing the writing for the trip, like I did last year. I think this time around I only wrote one day...Forgive me, I have sinned) and a whole bunch of video clips that will mess you up. Check those out! Thank you for all the love and prayers!  I'll be back on soon to tell you more about the goodness of my awesome God!

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