Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I dub thee "creative beast"...

Yup. I'm a self-proclaimed "Creative beast." I make awesome stuff! Can't lie...

I have been creating things my whole life. In our old house the only area I had to do my 'art' was a closet next to our furnace, big enough to hold a hutch with all my little kid craft supplies. I would get up at 5:00 AM (I now, in my great maturity, do not get up at such insane hours of the day) and create things until the rest of my family got up. Doll dresses. Clay beads. Little beds for funny colored bears who lived in a cardboard box apartment complex I made. I made whatever came to mind in those dark, quite, ridiculously early morning hours.

Creativity runs deep in my Hungarian blood. Blame the gypsies....

My mom ( is rather beastly creative as well; she taught me to sew (as well as several zillion other things). Her mom is also very creative; she taught me when I was seven to knit on those little things you use to pick nuts apart with because my hands were too small to make the knitting needles behave.

While creativity runs in my blood, it also runs in my making. I am the daughter of a very creative God, and I guess I have been gifted with a similar ability. I can't make a platypus, an aurora borealis, an okapi, a waterfall or a sea cucumber (nor have I tried to make these.)...but I can make some other pretty sweet things!
In the span of my life I have attempted a good many creative mediums; sewing, knitting, painting, scrapbooking, stamping, jewelry making, drawing, crocheting....pretty much everything....
One of my absolute favorite things to make are purses with unusual appliques on them. I don't use a pattern ( another thing that runs in my Kiss blood is rebellion against all forms of patterns) so each bag comes out unique to itself. I started making them because I liked having a purse that no one else had. I began selling my one-of-a-kinds when people were becoming envious; I used the money I made off purses last year to help get me to Costa Rica on a summer missions trip. This year I am expanding. I'm opening up shop....sort of. I started an Etsy shop (see side bar link) a couple of days ago that I hope will help to bring in some extra moola (some of it will be going towards a return trip to Costa Rica in July). In addition to bags I plan to put up knitted things (hats, hand warmers, etc) some jewelry items, and whatever else I can think up.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of my bags;

This on is my purse. A combination of my love for England (British flag colors) and my love for Converse.

This was a bag I sold via my mom's blog last summer as part of my missions fund raising.

This one was another fundraiser bag, custom requested by a friend.

A bookbag for one of my little sisters.

This was a birthday gift for my best friend ( who will be starting cosmetology (hairdressing and such) school in December.

And this one is the fabulous bag that could be yours, as it is listed on my Etsy right at this very moment. Waiting. For you.

All that being said, GO CHECK OUT MY ETSY!


Chloe Grace said...

HEY Bella!!
How are you ??
wish you where at yg!!
love you :)

Chloe Grace said...

me blog:

Kimmie said...

Dearest Daughter

Your post made me smile. Oh, you have inherited so much, God is indeed good.

May He bless your endeavors and may the work of your hands be fruitful in His Kingdom work.

I love you sweet girl.



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