Friday, October 16, 2009

An almost blinding light and a 180...

I am a strong-willed human being. It is mighty hard to convince me of something when I have no intention of being convinced. I stick to my guns...

Unless those guns involve blogging, apparently?

My mom has a blog. My best friend just started a blog. I do fair deal of reading other people's blogs.
But I was a proud mocker and at any suggestion of having my own blog I would laugh, eyes flashing crazily, and shout "NEVER!"

I feel like there has been some great Damascus road conversion that has taken place in my life.

You see, the more I thought about it, the more a blog made sense. I love writing; I have enough passion to write for hours upon hours. I am an incessant keeper of journals. I have a lot of opinions. I make some really fantastic things. I do quite a bit of exciting stuff. I take lots of pictures. And I would like to think I am an overall interesting person....

Why not blog?

Exactly. So, here I am.

Welcome to my world.


emily michael said...

first of all: MWAHAHAHAAAA! ha :)
second of all: how the espancho did you get such a fancy smancy blog backround thingy??? mine seems soooo boring and cookie cutter compared to yours!

Isabella Kiss said... on the little banner in the left corner of my blog.
and the header (title block) i made.

Kimmie said...

My dearest daughter~

Did you say you were stubborn? Oh no, it was strong willed, my mistake.

Welcome to the blogging world...I am sure you will leave a mark, make sure it is for the Glory of God
-sift all words first through His fingers.

I hope it helps you capture some more of the dreams and visions He has given you for your life. There is much Kingdom Business to do...and never forget the orphans (or their chips).


Annie Chase said...

Isabella Kiss,
I have been waiting for this day ever since you told me about the book you were writing and even more so since this summer when you told me what number journal you were on.
Welcome to blogspot.
~Annie Chase~


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