Monday, May 27, 2013

Yet another wedding flashback...

We'll be home from Hawaii in a couple days, but until I can update you with those pictures, here are some more lovely wedding photos from our wedding on May 26th of last year. Again, all photo credit to Jeff Crandall Photography.
 Only one more post coming, I swear. These pictures just make me so happy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flashback to one year ago today: Our Wedding

This post is being brought to you thanks to the power of scheduled posting. JoJo and I are currently still enjoying our Oahu Vacation and today are celebrating our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

To celebrate blog style, here are some wedding ceremony pictures! I realize I actually never posted any of the official ones. Another post with reception and formal shots coming later. All these lovely photos documenting our most wonderful day are accredited to Jeff and Vicki Crandall of Jeff Crandall Photography.
I cannot believe it has already been a year. Wow. For the record, ^^this is still the look on our faces.

We've been told repeatedly that the first year of marriage will be the hardest. Can't say I agree...I mean, yes we did do it a little different. We got married and 8 days later he left on his first deployment to Qatar. That was 6 months. We have now actually been together geographically since December (and its so much better this way!). Our Pastor said probably the first year and three months would be a better gauge for us, since the whole deployment thing...but again... I really can't say this has been hard. Different? Most assuredly. Are we learning a lot about each other and married life? For certain. But we are so enjoying it a whole lot. Being best friends helps. I think part of it is we had a really good foundation of being able to communicate well, thanks to all the long distance. Also, we think we have just been really blessed. And we are mighty happy about it.

Happy one year to us; here's to forever.

Monday, May 20, 2013

2 tickets to paradise: Oahu Trip Itinerary

Tomorrow morning we are leavin' on a jet plane with our two tickets to paradise (*two songs, one sentence, BAM!*).

We have been planning this trip since I think June of last year. We didn't do a honeymoon after our wedding last May (instead we spent 8 day on his base submitting all manner of paperwork before he deployed), so this here is it. And its a celebration of our one year anniversary as well! It will be 8 days of oh-so-fabulous. We're beyond excited over here.

JoJo and I travel very well together. Neither of us are into super touristy attractions. We like the outdoors and adventures. We are the sort to kind of just drive around to see what we can see. Out of the two of us, I am the one that plans ahead. He is more spur of the moment. I just like to optimize time and not waste any looking for something to that day. So my job is to make lists ahead of time and we figure it out day by day when we get there. It balances out between us just lovely.

I have spent months pinning away on Pinterest and I spent 7 hours last week looking up maps and address of places I think we would like to visit on Oahu. Nothing is set in stone, but here are some things we MIGHT be doing. I guess we'll have to compare when I post after the trip!

We are staying at the Hale Koa. It's a DoD resort with great military rates, right on Waikiki Beach.
While we are anti-tourist I don't think we can go to Hawaii without going to a Luau...apparently the Hale Koa has a great one. We'll be checking that out. Hula shows and fireworks also make the list of necessary but horribly tourist activities.
We'll definitely be checking/hiking Leahi, aka Diamond Head Crater. Anything else we can hike, will also be conquered.
There will be plenty of stargazing. JoJo is an astronomy fanatic and Hawaii has beautiful clear skies.
Visiting Pearl Harbor and the memorials there is another thing on the list.
We've rented a car and will surely be driving up to the famous surfer's paradise that is Oahu's North Shore.
Hanuama Bay, known for its snorkeling and sea turtles.
Find as many Waterfalls as possible and play in them. Manoa Falls is high on the list.
The only truly set in stone thing is the sunset dinner on a Catamaran which we purchased on Groupon (by the way, I highly recommend checking Groupon before you head out on a vacation!).
I have a list of restaurants and favorite local eateries we will likely visit. We will be consuming as much fish and local food as possible. Iron Chef's Morimoto's restaurant, anyone?  Places were they catch fish and within the hour feed it to you? Yes. Anything with pineapple or coconut? Yes and yes. I'm excited to try out some of the food trucks on the island, as well. There will be plenty of drinking (and buying to bring home) of delicious Hawaiian grown coffee too.
We will try and avoid anything with the word "tour" in it. Limited trips to tourist trap souvenir shops will be made. Although, I have been promised a lei or two which I am most excited about. (also, flowers beware, I will pick all of you). Saver's and Goodwills in the area have been mapped out. Farmer's Markets have also been made note of.
 Renting jet skiis is another must on the schedule (there are few things more fun in the world than basically quadding in the ocean). We don't want to try surfer bad enough to pay for lessons, but if someone offers to teach us then bring it on! Same goes for kayaking. It could happen.
We are also going to try and visit as many beaches (especially the less tourist filled ones) as possible. We plan on beach mornings and afternoon/evening adventure. Of course, we'll pop over to the palace and say hi to King Kamehameha's statue. That's a must as we are naming our first born son after him (...just kidding...or maybe not). Maybe by some miracle we'll get in a shark cage (actually we won't, I have been informed).  There will be lots of random driving. Also, anything that can be hiked, climbed or jumped off of probably will.
Overall, there will be much adventure having and enjoying of the 80+ degrees and sunshine. When I update you on the trip I will have been magically transformed from Washingtonian pale to Hawaiian Bronzed. See ya then!

Friday, May 17, 2013

And that's all my phone has to say about that...

planted some grass seed in our back yard. it is amazing for the amount it rains out here how dry stuff can get. and how moss can choke out the existence of all things. also, how bird would rather peck at my grass seeds than eat from their feeder.
flash back to JoJo circa 2009. I think this was his favorite shirt.
the back says "chain saw brutality, tornado strength"
 Back in the day of hardcore bands, size small, skin tight shirts, long hair and skinny pants.
(good lord...) (and no, those weren't not his sunglasses, thank you Jesus.)
now its my shirt. strangely, it seems to fit pretty well.
 this both fascinates and disturbs me. so I wear it because it is laughable.
there isn't much that the kitty boy loves more than popcorn. it is second only to milk.
every night we munch some while we watch TV and Trink begs until we throw him some little kernelless pieces.if we aren't quick enough he tries to steal from us.
We throw it, and he catches them between his front paws.
 It is adorable. So we keep allowing it.
(we don't feed him people for milk, popcorn and pretzels...)
what is this weird thing, you ask?
 a washing machine drum. purchased on craigslist for $25. Why? Because my cool welding husband is going to transform it into a super backyard fire pit. quite excited about that project! (note: its upside down in the picture)
there are few things more curious and suspicious than feet under the covers. cats are so silly.
you know those people on facebook who seem to constantly be getting free samples in the mail? I'm one of them now.
my mother in law just had kittens!!! 4 little itty bitty black ones! 
 well, her cat did...obviously. next time we are home visiting we are taking one (or two or all of them, according to JoJo) back home with us. Trink needs a baby sister. Just think, then you can all endure constant pictures of ALL our cats! Yup. We're crazy cat people. Deal with it.
Giant garlic clove. Next to an average sized mushroom. This intrigued me for unknown reasons.
this weekend we are attending a birthday party for our friend's fabulous baby girl. she is turning one. and i wanted to buy here every outfit in the store, but settled on this one as she like to play in dirt and garden.
my cat has an eyebrow nibbling fetish. it is weird. as you can tell, we own Mr. Kitty Personality, over here.
Pearls! Real ones!
 Anniversary gift from my love for me to be fancy and fabulous in Hawaii.
According to the anniversary chart thing, your 1st anniversary is paper and your 30th is pearls. I don't understand any of that stuff one bit, but lets just pretend JoJo is prophesying into our marriage with these. Besides...who wants paper?
Unless its plane tickets to Hawaii. Those were good too :P
most importantly, this week I finished school and began packing (and forming detailed lists of attractions, activities, stores and restaurants) for OAHU!!! We leave Tuesday. We never had an actual honeymoon, as he deployed shortly after our wedding, so this is our honeymoon and one year anniversary and first vacation all rolled into one. We are excited out of our minds over here. Don't worry, thousands of (quality, not phone) pictures to come!


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