Friday, May 3, 2013

And that's all my phone has to say about that...

 Typical morning view:
"Good. I have woken you. Now feed me or I'll start purring incessantly and biting your eyebrows."
 some good stuff right there ^^
 First ever attempt at making scones. Strawberry with a strawberry and lemon glaze. They tasted like freckled lemonade from Red Robin!!
 We bought this cat bed when we first moved here in December. He refused to have anything to do with it until about March. Now he would rather sleep in this than anywhere else. Sometimes he picks it over sleeping with us!
 large rock by our front door.
 I've become an addict.
 Made a trip to the library on base yesterday; it made me happy.

 Being unemployed is pretty disheartening. However, reading books in your back yard and laying in the sun all afternoon is pretty darn fabulous.
 Everything a cat could want, all in one spot: a cozy bed, a sliding door to look out of, a shoe box full of mousies and jingly things, and a box fort.
 this made me laugh. JoJo and I attempted to feed some ducks stale crackers a few weeks ago down at the lake near our house. this sign appeared shortly there after. It is funny because the birds had never been offered crackers and had no idea what to do with them. out of probably 40 ducks we got 2 interested. And a squirrel.
 The weather has been weird. Monday it was barely 50. By Thursday it hit near 70.  I've been determined to enjoy the sun (cloudlessness) regardless. Coats and sunglasses combined.
 Little signs of life along my walks.
LOTS of signs of life in my garden!! I've got foot tall sugar peas, sprouting green beans and little baby spinaches, lettuces, cilantros, and basils. Parsley and Lavender hopefully making an appearance soon. Tomatoes next month! I'M A REAL FARMER!!!!


Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

I love your "Tonski" rock; that's such a cute idea!!

Isabella Kiss said...

thanks louise! I tried to make it semi match our wedding invites by putting the tree graphic I used on there. it makes me smile. :)

....... said...

that green tea looks absolutely lovely! so nice to get a look at your blog. your so pretty love your hair such great layers. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment! I really appreciate it and hope you will stop by again soon. Looking forward to your future posts! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @


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