Thursday, May 9, 2013

And that's all my phone has to say about that...

flash back to last Friday- make chocolate covered yumminess.
pretzels and peanut butter balls. high in both calories and deliciousness.
they were so yummy people who had said they weren't coming showed up upon being texted about the chocolate goodness.
the week started out terribly sunny.
Washington was actually like the warmest state in the USA at one point over the weekend. It was miraculous. 0% chance of rain- that just doesn't happen out here!

flowers picked on the hike mentioned in the previous post.
at first i thought I acquired poison ivy on the hike when I woke up with a rash on my arm the next day.
when within hours I was a completely rashy mess we began to think a food reaction was the culprit.
that and my husband suspected I was turning into a goose (...looked like I had goose bumps everywhere...). Yup.
 Next was a 101  fever.
long story short, I spent about 5 hours on Monday between the doctors, a blood lab and the army base pharmacy. i know I have a monosodium glutamate (MSG- a common food additive which acts as an excitotoxin and messes with my endocrine system) allergy and i accidentally ate some (its in the majority of packaged food). the dr. also did a panel of food allergy tests on me. waiting on results. i am now armed with epipens and after a bunch of steroids and Benadryl I'm doing much better. fun times.
we've started feeding birds in hopes of giving our indoor kitty something to entertain himself (and cause we like birds).so far, a couple of brave chickadees and a squirrel picking up what drops to the ground have been our only visitors.
trink thinks the squirrel is good fun. we call the squirrel Caliban
(also, like Trinkilo, a character from the Tempest).
Funny part is he didn't notice him at first and the squirrel stood frozen for a couple minutes before the cat whipped around and gave him full attention.
another really great cat hobby is running around underneath a shoe box. the goal being to keep it on top of you so you may stealth attack people's ankles.
gearing up for Hawaii in 10 days!!! so excited!
we will be staying at a military personnel resort right on Waikiki beach. Celebrating our one year anniversary during the trip. Unbelievable! Until then, we are watching every movie set in Hawaii- most importantly Lilo and Stitch. JoJo has 3 day weekend so let the amping up for the trip begin!

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