Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy month...

Sorry I haven't posted in a month...life is busy when you are trying to work, finish a school semester and plan a wedding (32 days!).

Just wanted to stop in a share a few photos. I have a new obsession with triptics. I've been making them during my digital photography class in CS5. I saw some work by David Hillard (google him!) and the obsession started.

3 recent triptics with my photos:

They are much cooler full screen, so click them!

The top one was the one into which I put the most effort. It was originally 4 different photos, 3 of which I combined into a panorama and then put JoJo in on the left side.Those photos were taken while we were at Pike's Place in Seattle.

The middle one shows different angles of a local technical school. I was going for a "new bauhaus" look (google that too).

The bottom one was a hand tangle of 6 of my siblings. The professor asked me if I had plagiarized by taking photos out of a unicef add. To which I responded, "no, my life is a unicef add." 

In other news, I am just trying to keep sane as the final details of this wedding come together. And speaking of finals, I have to take some of those in a week and a half. Last stretch before the finish line!

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