Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not like I am excited for anything...

#1 - yes, I am still alive, and I do realize I have a blog. I just also realize that I have an education to get and work to do
#2- JoJo, the super fantastic Airman boyfriend comes home in one week. I haven't seen him in six months...it's not like I am excited or anything. I guess I have nothing better to do than count down each individual second until the time I pick him up at the airport next week. With this countdownr. No big deal

#3- I was lying. I am pretty much excited out of my mind for the 10 wonderful days I will get to spend with him. There will be pictures, I promise!


Ellie said...

That is the most awesome countdown ever! We’re going to see my oldest AF brother and sister-in-law for Thanksgiving and my second oldest brother is leaving for BC in Jan., not looking forward to the possible 9 months without seeing him after his graduation! Can’t wait for the pictures!

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Oh no! Now it's counting backwards!!!

Hope you're having a jolly time :)


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