Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello, Hurricane (Irene)

Collection of shots from Hurricane Irene, as promised:

In Summation: Power outages, fallen trees, downed wires, gas outages, leaves, leaves, leaves, and generators, generators, generators.

Everybody is safe and sound now and our house is just fine (thank God!). I think at this point most of, if not all, of the state has its power restored and crews are hard at work restoring the millions in damages.

Not the best pictures I have ever taken, but I at least sort of documented the chaos that was going on during Hurricane Irene (which by the way was the worst storm in our area within the last 26 years).

*for the more artistic view of the whole scenario, check out my photo blog: Sometimes I Shoot Things.


Ellie said...

26 years? wow! that hurricane irene must've hit you guys pretty hard! by the way, you all have a gorgeous house and property! great pictures! (that goes for both blogs!) :)

Isabella Kiss said...

yeah, our state isn't really used to having that much natural destruction. we are very accustomed to heavy snow in the winter, but the hurricane only pop up once in a while...like every 26 years. ;)


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