Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am anti-amusement park. I am anti-fried food. I am anti-crowds of people. But for some reason, I love, love, love fairs. I think because I associate them with fall? There is something uniquely fallish about them.

In the last week I went to two different fairs; a larger one by a local town (to watch a friend compete in a demolition derby) and one little, tiny held-in-a-parking lot one with my boyfriend's wonderful mom and sisters, along with 2 sister of my own. Both were fun.

The other great thing about fairs is they provide some unique photo ops. Enjoy!

 *this reminds me of the "world's best coffee" scene in Elf...
 you know where my loyalties lie...
 KG's chicken car. and no, that guy leaning on the car is not our friend KG...?
 Why would anyone send their children into a "fun house" with this sort of face painted on the front. Oh I think NOT!

 JoJo's lil sister and I were pros @ the Fun Slide (note to anyone who wants to run a children's fair. Insert the word "Fun..." in front of all your ride names and you will be all set).


Ellie said...

these pictures are so fun! my dad served in the AF for 24 years, oldest brother served 4 years (now in reserves) and my second oldest bro is in the process of joining so yeah, I share the same loyalties! and I LOVE the sign! :)

Ellie said...

and by the way, clowns have always freaked me out and I would never enter those so called 'fun houses' with one painted largely on the outside!

Isabella Kiss said...

cool! somehow I had no idea your dad or brother were in the Air Force?! We have something else in common! :)

Ellie said...

haha, guess I could've mentioned that in an earlier comment! :)

Jo said...

It looks amaaazing! I love fairs! And the slide looks like so much fun (though it is in the title!) <3

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