Friday, March 22, 2013

And that's what my phone has to say about that...

My month according to my phone:

*nothin' ununsual here.*
*fox fetish*
*the sun came out! 2nd day of Spring!*
*baking breads*
*this is how the cat likes to sit and watch me study Astronomy*
*homemade fettuccine and orecchiette pasta*
*husband, cat and I playing cribbage*
*painting watercolor poppies*
*cutifying my pantry*
*spy eyes*
*As you can maybe tell, I am not an Instagramer. Main reason: I don't have a smart phone and I don't care too, really. I actually hate phones of all kinds. I occasionally take quick pictures on my phone, like these, usually for the purpose of texting a friend or family member. But for real photography I would much rather use my Canon D-SLR.

*as you can also tell, my life greatly revolves around my spoiled catson. Cat lady to the core, right here! Maybe I ought to take pictures of my husband...or things other than art projects, Trink and foods...hmmm....


Ellie said...

Oh my gosh, y'all's cat is sooo funny! His eyes are huge! Definitely a natural in front of a camera, haha!
I love your artwork! It's so professional looking! :) And your 'cutified' pantry jars are just plain cute! It's such a fun idea to add color to ordinary, everyday items!

Isabella Kiss said...

Haha yeah, he has some crazy eyes. We call him owl eyes frequently. The naughtier he is feeling the bigger his eyes get. And thank you! All this unemployment has led to a looooot of art projects!

his little lady said...

You are absolutely adorable girl! And I just adore all of these photographs ;)
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this makes me want to post a blog about my cute little kitty. I definitely have enough pictures to! (I definitely take about 5 a day.. OBSESSED)


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