Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Photos

More to come, along with a written recap of our wonderful and blessed day, but for now, some visual proof that I got myself an airman husband.

 *above photos thefted from my friends and family. Below photos were just a preview from our incredibly friend/wedding photography/my photography mentor Jeff Crandall and his wife Vicki.

Our wedding day was definitely worth waiting our whole lives for. It went off without a single problem and I couldn't be happier. All that chaos of planning a wedding in 70 days was well worth it (but I am glad I am only getting married once and that it will last forever, because goodgracious, there is no way I want to go through wedding planning again). God is so faithful. We are so blown away at how *perfect* it all went.

As I said, there will be more photos coming, and eventually I need to gather my thoughts and emotions and write up a recap of all that went/is going on. As of right now, my airman is about to land in the country of Qatar any minute and he will remain there for 6 months. During that time I will be home with my family, planning my big move at the end of 2012 from the east coast to the west. And sending lots and lots of care packages.


Ellie said...

You guys are glowing! :) Love the pictures! One beautiful bride and one handsome airman! Prayers are with both of you during these next six months!

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

Wowwweee!!!! Congratulations and I wish for you all the blessings and success God has in store for you!!!

Adina said...

Qatar is practically our neighbor since we moved to the U.A.E. I love your flowers and colors... and of course the smiles too!

Expat Mom said...

Gorgeous pics! I've been waiting for your mom to show them off. ;) Congrats on being a wife and I hope you have decades of happiness.

Isabelle Galindo said...

That was a sweet wedding! You two really look wonderful and happy together. That much was clear and evident in the photo taken by your friend photographer. Perfect candid shot there. So full of love and joy, and I wish you more of these in the coming years.


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