Monday, June 20, 2011

Restyle: Boy Shirt ----> Girl Shirt.

I have a lot of guys clothes.

People who have only known me a couple years are often surprised to find out that I used to dress almost completely in guys clothes. For like...4 years at least. Complicated story, but basically from age 11-15 I dressed more like a junior high school boy, than I did a young lady. It was...a problem. I was a seriously weird kid.  I didn't start wearing girls clothes again until I was around 15, and that was only like jeans and tshirts. I didn't actually dressy in a girly way until 17. I never bought a dress (for myself, by myself, without being forced) until I was 18. I never wore a dress/skirt outside of church or a formal event until...a few months ago.
Now I look, dress (and even act!) like a girl!!!! I wore skirts almost every day last week. Pretty much a 180, people.

But like I said, I still have a lot of guys clothes. I'll still whip out some ginormous cargo skater pants to do yard work in, and I am still a little bit partial to bumming around in guys tshirts and hoodies. I'm sorry, they are just COMFORTABLE. Bloody unattractive, but I don't care.

However, I am working on the whole "girly" thing. Guys clothes are not really conducive to looking like a woman so...
Also, "the boy" happens to think girls should dress like girls and guys should dress like guys. Contrary to my prior belief, I now agree with that whole first part (never disagreed with the second. Don't get me started on that rant).

But that leaves the matter of what is to be done with my teenage boy wardrobe...

I've been noticing that wide necked, baggy shirts are in style. Forever 21 sells like in like every color. I am liking this style, because I'm all about wide, loose and baggy (as long as they aren't see-through or inappropriate in anyway). Also "boyfriend tees" (and jeans) are popular; cut for girls, but made to look like you stole them from a boy. These are styles I can work with...

When going through my clothes I found a gray guy's tee I hadn't warn in years. It was just chillin, all waded up and wrinkled in my drawer. I thought about throwing it away. But instead I made it look...more I can still get away with wearing it!

How I did it: Basically took the shirt, grabbed some scissors and cut a good portion of the collar off, making it wider. Easy as that!

Before: SUPER WRINKLY boy tee, skinny jeans, and converse= .5 on the girlishness scale. 97 and a half on the "looking like a 13 year old boy" scale.

After: skinny jeans, my "Westley" (Princess Bride anyone?) boots, vintage keys on necklaces (I have quite the collection!), black tank and the same tshirt only with collar wider and sleeves rolled.And dangerously red lipstick, just for the effect.
Cuter, right? Other than the wideness of it, it's hard to tell it's a guys shirt, yes?

And yes. It is still just as wrinkly. Were I more classy I would iron it or put it in the dryer or something before doing photoshoots. But...really, what do you want from me!? Who do you think I am, Martha Stewart? Ma Ingalls? Princess Kate?

Now if only there was something cute to be done with my collection of camouflaged, baggy as baggy can be pants...

Yeah no. Not going there. They shall remain banished from the public eye and only come out for yard work. Because I am a girl and I plan on dressing like it. At least the majority of the time.

*ps: 2 words- CAMERA. REMOTE. Expect more narcissist photos. I know you are all sick of the couch, but it was too dark and rainy to go outside with the tripod.


Cossette said...

Nice! I've been going on a t-shirt campaign myself. I've got so many t-shirts that are just _not_ becoming that I am going to make so. One by one. On another note, I _love_ camo pants. I searched high and low for camo pants for years and all I managed to snag were snow camo boy's cargo pants that I had to turn into capris cuz they were too short. But paired with a a blue lacy tank top they look like a slightly dangerous lady.

Ellie said...

wow, scissors really changed that shirt! that's a great idea!

Sarah said...

I LOVE these pictures! Such a cute outfit! :]

Follw me, I'll follow back?


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